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Child Restraint Anchor Bolt Fitting Kit Use For Approved Seats for Tether Mounts

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When it comes to you and your family's safety, only trust APV Safety Products. Australian Made.


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When it comes to you and your family's safety, only trust APV Safety Products.

C H I L D  A N C H O R  R E S T R A I N T  F I T T I N G  KIT


Please consult your nearest child restraint fitting station or traffic authority for vehicle inspection for advice on the best position to place the anchorage point and for the correct bolt length and use of spacers. Warning: Child restraints must not be attached to unsound metal or to wood, or to synthetic structures. When drilling the 9mm hole do not drill through fuel lines, fuel tanks, electrical wiring or radio speakers. Webbing straps must be protected from sharp corners and edges.

Note: The anchor fitting must be used only as described. It must not be hooked onto another position.


F O R  V E H I C L E S  F I T T E D  W I T H  A N C H O R A G E  P O I N T S

Locate the anchorage point behind the rear seating position (consult the vehicles owner handbook for the location of the anchorage point). Remove the thread plug for the parcel shelf / floor / roof and install the anchor bolt as shown. Caution: Do not over tighten the anchor bolt maximum torque 20Nm


F O R  V E H I C L E S  N O T  F I T T E D  W I T H  A N C H O R A G E  P O I N T S

If your vehicle has no anchorage point provided, you will need to: Drill a 9mm diameter hole in the parcel shelf on the centreline of the seating position as illustrated. Install the anchor bolt as shown


APV Safety Products is the aftermarket seat belt and safety harness division of APV and is the leading supplier of seat belts in Australia. All aftermarket products are similar to the original equipment product supplied to car manufacturers, and all belts are fully certified to Australian standard AS/NZS2596, FMVSS 209, ECE R16, ADR/ 03 & 04 or applicable standard.

APV Safety Products and APV Pty Ltd are situated in Melbourne, Australia. The site includes the APV Safety Products manufacturing facility along with APV Engineering and Testing Services Development Centre and Test laboratory.

APV Safety Products are suppliers to the local Australian Automotive Aftermarket through parts and accessory retailers and distributors. They also supply supply vital safety products to the defense, motorsport, commercial and industrial sectors. 

APV Safety Products is also the largest exporter into overseas markets.

Australia has an enviable reputation when it comes to vehicle safety and an important contributor to that reputation is APV Safety Products. With a history in vehicle safety that goes back to the 1930s, APV continues to work with major car manufactures to make cars as safe as possible.

APV Safety Products is a division of APV Pty Ltd a company responsible for the design, testing and manufacture of safety critical automotive components.  As part of APV's extensive commitment to vehicle safety, we have on site one of the most advanced Automotive Crash Testing Facilities of its kind in the world. The Test centre is equipped to test practically every type of crash condition, ranging from frontal collisions, side impacts, rear-end impacts, and car to car accidents.

APV Safety Products has access to the latest technology and developments and all products must pass rigorous testing necessary to meet Australian Standards Certification and Endorsement.



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Safety Products is a global supplier of Seat Belts, Harnesses, Snatch Straps, Tow Straps, and related products. SP is the Australian and NZ market leading supplier of safety restraint and seat belt systems for Coach, Defence, Industrial, Fork Lift, Motor-Sport sectors and the Automotive Aftermarkets.

SP is also a significant supplier to the North American safety restraint and military vehicle sectors. APV Safety's commitment to innovation, quality and customer service has seen it grow into the largest aftermarket seatbelt supplier in Australia and overseas.


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